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These custom-built hard cases protect camera rigs for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony and others

Keeping your gear safe can be a tricky – and expensive – proposition. A longtime favorite for traveling and professional photographers and videographers are hard cases. With custom-fitted padded inserts, a hard case is a great way to store and protect your gear. Over at CineD, they’ve written about ready-made hard cases for a wide variety of camera brands and models. The cases are made by HPRC, whose name stands for High Performance Resin Cases.

We’re sure that some of you have heard of HPRC. But, for those who haven’t, the company offers numerous case and storage solutions. The HPRC Ready lineup offers hard cases with custom inserts for many different cameras from an extensive list of manufacturers. Supported brands include Atomos, Blackmagic, Canon, DJI, Fujifilm, GoPro, Leica, Nikon, Panasonic, RED, Sony and many more.

Fujifilm GFX 100 case

The general focus of HPRC’s Ready series is on video-friendly cameras. For example, looking at their Canon offerings, there are cases for the Canon C70, R5, R6, C200 and C100 cameras. For Nikon, there’s currently just a single case, and it’s for the D850 DSLR. You won’t find Ready cases for all of Sony’s Alpha-series cameras, either, but only the Alpha 7 (which, to be fair, will fit more than just the original A7). There are cases for many Sony Cinema cameras, including the FX3, FX6, FS8, FX9, Venice and more.

HPRC claims their cases are indestructible (at least for all practical purposes), and provide full protection against shocks, dust, water and acids. The cases are watertight, so they should be up to the task against just about any weather.

At CineD, writer Francesco Andreola is an HPRC user himself. He’s used an HPRC case for years to carry Atomos gear and writes, ‘So if you travel frequently and you find yourself shooting in harsh environments, then these cases might be an ideal solution for your gear. They will allow you to travel carefree without worrying too much about how you treat your filmmaking tools.’

HPRC Ready case for Canon EOS R5/R6 cameras

The HPRC Ready series first launched in 2013 and has been regularly expanded to support popular camera kits, as evidenced by available Ready cases for BMPCC 4K, 6K and 6K Pro cameras, Canon C70, R5 and R6 cameras and Sony FX3, FX6, FX9 and Venice cameras. Each case fits the camera plus various accessories, lenses, batteries, chargers and cables. Some large cases are trolley-style, whereas others are smaller and are cabin-approved for overhead storage when flying. Each case comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

Let’s consider the HPRC Ready case for the Canon EOS R5/R6 camera. It fits the camera body, with or without a professional cage, a lens with a maximum diameter of 90mm and a maximum length of 220mm, cables, the Canon LC-E6 charger and four batteries. The case is currently on sale for €136, which is about $160 USD.

The inside of the HPRC Ready case for Canon EOS R5/R6 cameras

What about instead HPRC’s only case for Fujifilm, which is for the Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format camera. As expected, this case is a bit larger than the R5/R6 case. The GFX 100 case holds the camera, cables, three lenses (the example lenses are the GF 110mm f/2, GF 23mm f/4 and GF 32-64mm f/4), battery charger, three extra batteries and an AC power adapter. This case is currently €241.60, or $284 USD.

HPRC’s cases look to be high quality and promise strong performance and protection. If you think they’d be right for your gear, you can learn more by visiting HPRC. If a case isn’t available for your gear, HPRC also makes standard cases in a wide array of sizes you can use to protect your camera equipment.