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This $579 watch was inspired by the twin-lens reflex cameras of yesteryear

Watchmaker TACS has unveiled a new camera-inspired watch, the TACS ATL. The watch features a design based on the classic twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera, and ATL stands for Automatic Twin Lens.

The new ATL watch joins the company’s Lens Series, ( which also includes the Nato – Lens, Vintage Lens, and AVL II watches, all photography-themed.

The TLR-inspired ATL watch packs a lot of neat detail into its 46.5mm watch face. A twin-lens reflex camera includes a pair of objective lenses with the same focal length. One of the lenses is used for the camera’s viewfinder, along with a 45°-degree mirror. The other lens is used to expose the film.

TACS writes, ‘First released in the late 1920s, twin-lens cameras were widely used by photojournalists and correspondents to document World War II in Europe thanks to its robust and periscopic design. It was said that the inventor came up with the idea for the camera during World War I on a trench while peeping through a periscope.’

The watch was designed over two years and no consideration was spared during the design process. The dial in the center of the watch face looks like a twin-lens reflex camera, complete with a leather design. You can see through where the lenses would be to see the inner workings of the camera. Other features include a rotating bezel ring with etching like a lens’s depth of field scale as well as hour and minute indexes. The crown is inspired by vintage focusing knobs and the crown protector looks like a camera strap’s eyelet slot.

The multi-layer twin-lens dial comprises 19 individual parts across 11 layers. Each watch is hand-assembled by a TACS watchmaker in Japan, and only 10 can be made daily. The automatic movement, which doesn’t require a battery or any winding, is a 21-jewel skeletonized Miyota 8N24, which is also handmade in Japan. The timepiece is powered by wearing it on your wrist and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

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The TACS ATL is 20% lighter than the TACS AVL II. The watch includes sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating. It includes 10ATM water resistance down to an impressive 100m (333′). The watch is 14.8mm thick, and the leather strap is 24mm wide.

You can purchase the TACS ATL directly from TACS. The watch is available in silver for $579 and includes free engraving. A retro gold version is available as well for $649.