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This Adorable Pokémon Charger Revives Your Phone With Pichu’s Cheeks


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Pokémon is celebrating 25 glorious years and in my search of literally any reason to justify talking more about this franchise, I came across the cutest not-so-little phone charger I’ve ever seen. With this Pokémon phone charger, a criminally adorable Pichu will juice up that mobile device in the most precious way possible: with their squishable little cheeks! 

This creative take on phone charging comes courtesy of artist Nendo Yoshirin. The Pichu phone charging station is made out of clay and comes with a MagSafe charger in its right cheek. It’s honestly so cute and I can’t stop staring at it, especially since it looks like Pichu is literally cuddling with it. The world sucks in a lot of ways, but cuteness like this? It helps.

So now that I got the good “this could make the world a better place” news out of the way, it’s time for the bad news: This adorable Pokémon phone charger isn’t actually for sale – it’s just a prototype the artist made for enjoyment purposes. That being said, you can follow him on social media to see even more creations like this. This artist has created a ton of similar works, especially concerning the Pokémon franchise. Both his YouTube and his Twitter accounts are filled with progression videos on how he brings these creations to life. 

Who knows? Maybe if the demand is high enough, he’d be willing to sell! We can dream! 

Want even more Pokémon-related goodness ahead of the 25th anniversary? Black Milk Clothing also recently announced a new clothing line to celebrate the event, which you can learn more about right here ahead of the full launch. 

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