This full-sized wooden Nikon F replica, complete with interchangeable lens, can be yours for $149


We’ve shared a fair number of wooden replica cameras over the year, including a wooden Leica M3 and a wooden Olympus OM-1. Now, we have another to add to the list, a wooden 1:1 replica of Nikon’s first SLR, the Nikon F.

As spotted by Nikon Rumors, this replica Nikon F is made entirely of wood, aside from a small sheet of plexiglass standing in as the mirror inside of the body. The kit even includes a wooden body cap and an interchangeable 55mm F1.2 lens with a piece of plastic acting as the front-most lens element.

The Etsy creator selling this model, CameraTins, says each replica model is unique in its patterns and coloring. No mention is made regarding how the wood components are cut to shape and size, but based on the burnt edges of the various pieces, it appears as though the various elements were laser cut and pieced together with adhesive.

The wooden Nikon F replica can be yours for $149, which is half as much as fully functioning Nikon F cameras are going for on eBay ($250–400). You can find it and other camera replicas on CameraTins’ Etsy shop.

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