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Trepang2 PS5 Release Date Confirmed for Horror Shooter

The Trepang2 PS5 release date has finally been announced, and the supernatural shooter will head to PlayStation on October 2, 2023.

Trepang2 PS5 release date brings supernatural gun-fu to consoles soon

Publisher Team 17 and developer Trepang Studios made the announcement today, with pre-order details and bonus DLC also revealed. There will happily be a physical release for the game, and if you do pre-order there’s exclusive outfit DLC to be gained.

The developers describe Trepang2 as follows,

A spiritual successor to the fast-paced and over-the-top first-person shooters of the mid-2000s, Trepang2 pairs high-octane, first-person gun-fu gameplay with a devastating heavy metal soundtrack, as players embark on a supernatural journey of death, destruction, and corporate conspiracies. Stepping into the boots of a newly enhanced super soldier broken out from a government black site, they’ll arm themselves with an arsenal of weapons while mastering an array of newfound superhuman abilities, all the while hunted by their former captors and even more otherworldly foes.

Trepang2 features a blood-soaked campaign, but also has Horde modes to test your mettle as a superpowered soldier of destruction.

The game had launched on PC back in June to a positive reception, and many PS5 shooter fans have been itchy on the trigger for a taste of the action on consoles. Trepang Studios had hinted last month that a console release date announcement was close by.

You can pre-order Trepang2 now at the official site. The game will also come to Xbox Series X|S at the same time.

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