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UFC 5 Trailer Previews Real Impact System, New Visuals

UFC 5 Trailer Previews Real Impact System, New Visuals

EA Sports has unveiled a new UFC 5 trailer ahead of the game’s launch on October 27, 2023, showcasing just how far the series has advanced thanks to the Frostbite Engine.

New Real Impact System provides increased realism, visuals

The new UFC 5 trailer details some of the changes coming to the game, including the franchise’s integration into the Frostbite Engine that other EA Sports title use.

Check out the UFC 5 trailer below:

The use of the new engine will result in increased realism and fighter intensity, according to Electronic Arts. The new “Real Impact System” will also make for some big advances in visuals and gameplay, including:

  • Cinematic K.O. Replay: Cinematic K.O. replays showcase fight-ending finishes with intensified visuals and enhanced excitement. Presented in super slow motion with cinematic angles and lighting, the impact of fight-ending shots represents highlight reel moments recapturing the drama of a UFC fight.
  • Doctor’s Checks and Stoppages: Suffering a notable injury prompts the referee to pause the fight for a ringside doctor’s inspection. Failure to adapt and protect the injury from further damage can lead to a doctor’s stoppage, which introduces true-to-sport strategic variables for players to navigate under heightened pressure.
  • New Strikes and Hit Reactions: New Strike animations emulate heavy hitters, professional kickboxers and more – coupled with new motion variations for ground and pound elbows, spinning attacks, body punches and calf kicks. Plus, the Hit Reaction animations and physics during a frenetic fight can initiate clean connection impacts – moments players can feel with next-level immersion during gameplay.
  • Seamless Submissions: Revamped Seamless Submissions extend the existing grappling system with faster animation transitions and the removal of mini games. Grapple Assist aids beginners, while veterans can explore deeper layers. Seamless submissions provide a smoother, authentic ground game for grappling enthusiasts.
  • Fight Week and Alter Egos: UFC 5‘s launch includes a revamped live service with features like Fight Week and Fight Picks tied to real-world UFC events. Alter Egos are all new versions of top fighters which capture authentic career-defining moments and provide alternative looks and associated abilities.

“UFC 5 is the most realistic MMA experience fans can have outside of the Octagon,” said UFC President Dana White. “This game is incredible and truly a next-generation UFC experience.”

The cover athlete for UFC 5’s Deluxe Edition will be former UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya, while UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and former UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko will be on the Standard Edition box art.

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