V Rising Adds Offline Mode


Vampires, rejoice: V Rising now has an offline mode.

Stunlock Studios, the team behind the new open-world vampire game, added the feature via Patch 0.5.41448 today. According to the patch notes, the new mode allows players to play “solo or with friends on the same local network,” allowing for the game’s vampiric action to continue regardless of access to online connection.

The mode can be enabled through “the host game screen and when starting up the server.”

Stunlock Studios reminded players that the feature might require some tinkering later on as the game is still in early access. “Please keep in mind that we will work on improving the LAN Mode as we continue to develop V Rising during Early Access,” the notes read.

The patch also includes features and fixes such as:

  • The ability to send server-wide messages.
  • New Steam Cloud features.
  • Fixed “Authentication Error” that hindered players from getting back onto specific servers.
  • Less cost return on salvaging cloaks, meaning players can’t make a profit by crafting and salvaging cloaks.
  • Players may no longer place soul shards in containers.

V Rising has been massively popular since its early access launch just over a week ago — even its developers were surprised by the game’s success. Despite a few minor setbacks like its time-consuming crafting system, we praised its stylish bosses and art direction in our in-progress review.

Amelia Zollner is a freelance writer at IGN. Find them on Twitter: @ameliazollner.

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