Venus Optics shows off footage captured with its upcoming Laowa anamorphic lenses


Loawa has shown it’s more than capable of producing quality third-party lenses at a price that usually doesn’t break the bank. The Chinese optics manufacturer has for the most part stuck with still lenses, but recently made its first foray into the cinema market with its OOOM 25–100mm T2.9 cine zoom, as well as a 1.33x anamorphic adapter. Now, it seems Laowa is looking to further bolster its cinema lens lineup with the help of a teaser video showcasing footage captured on a new series of anamorphic lenses.

The flares throughout the teaser video alternate between orange and blue.

The video is just 20 seconds long, but highlights an array of scenes that were clearly captured with anamorphic lenses. We get a glimpse of the streaking lens flares as well as the egg-shaped bokeh anamorphic lenses are known for.

Note the oval bokeh in the background of this scene, as well as the soft blue glow around the lens flare.

No other information is provided in the video, so it’s unclear what the specifications will be, but a ‘series’ suggests there will be at least three and the title of the video says they’ll be ‘dropping soon,’ although that could mean a week from now or three months from now.

We’ll be sure to cover the announcement when it goes live.a

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