Video: A review of Canon’s first PowerShot camera, 25 years after its release


Gordon Laing, Editor of CameraLabs, has published his latest ‘Retro Review,’ featuring the Canon PowerShot 600, an early digital camera that he considers ‘Canon’s first consumer digital camera.’

The 10-minute video showcases the pros and cons of the 25-year-old camera, contextualizing the features with its contemporaries at the time of its release in 1996. Specifically, Gordon addresses the size of the camera, explaining that while much larger than other cameras released in the mid-90s, it was larger for good reason.

A screenshot from Gordon’s video showing a review he wrote for the PowerShot 600 back when it was first released in 1996.

One of those reasons was the removable 700mAh battery, which can be hot-swapped in the field. Also taking up space on the camera is a port used for the docking station that came with the camera to connect to your PC as well as a PC Card slot, which made it one of the few consumer digital cameras of its time to feature removable media.

We’ll leave the rest to Gordon, but rest assured it’s a fun ten-minute watch that dives into the original PowerShot camera, a Canon line that remains active to this day.

You can find more of Gordon’s content on CameraLabs as well as his Dino Bytes YouTube channel.

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