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Video: Hasselblad discusses its design philosophy for the X System

Hasselblad has launched a new video series, ‘Hasselblad’s Home,’ that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Hasselblad’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The series shares insight from designers and engineers regarding the development of Hasselblad’s medium format cameras and the philosophies that underpin how the company brings ‘Scandinavian design and craftsmanship to creators around the world.’

The first episode, seen below, is focused on the design philosophy behind creating the X System. The highly compact X System currently includes the X1D II 50C camera. The system launched in 2016 with the original X1D 50C. The X System includes 10 XCD lenses with focal lengths ranging from 21mm to 230mm with an available converter.

Hasselblad says that ‘finding the right balance for the design of the X1D was a challenge as its designers tried to combine contemporary and unique elements that would give Hasselblad a look that future models could be built off of.’ Older Hasselblad cameras inspire the X1D. Hasselblad writes, ‘Looking straight on at the X1D, the family resemblance is clear with the classic square and circle with a wide Hasselblad nameplate on top from the V System next to the distinct, straight grip from the H System.’

There is a lot that goes into designing a camera, and Hasselblad’s designers and engineers worked hard to capture the essence of Hasselblad’s heritage with the X System. For example, the orange shutter release button ‘evolved as a vibrant accent,’ and Hasselblad considers it a balance to the overall calm aesthetics. The orange represents the warmth of Swedish countryside cabins contrasted against the cold Scandinavian climate.

Before designing a specific camera model, however, Hasselblad first had to establish the overall design language of the X System. The company needed to develop a consistent, timeless aesthetic that could be applied to any future camera models, including the original X1D 50C.

It’s unclear when future episodes of ‘Hasselblad’s Home’ will go live, but you can stay up to date with Hasselblad by subscribing to its YouTube channel.