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Video of PS5 With Detachable Disc Drive Leaks

PS5 With Detachable Disc Drive Video Leaks

A photo of the unannounced PS5 with a detachable disc drive recently leaked, giving users a tiny glimpse of the upcoming hardware. It was very limited, but now a more revealing video of the console has come out.

This new video gives a better view of the new PS5

Twitter user BwE_Dev claimed they had video of the same console as the one seen in the leaked photo, which they later backed up with the above post. The person rotates the system around and shows almost all sides of it. While it remains to be seen how it all works and how the disc drive actually attaches, it gives a little better view of its unique dimensions. They also later noted that this was just a shell of the system.

The small showcase also demonstrates how there are two USB-C ports on the front instead of one USB-A port and one USB-C port that are in the current models of the PS5. The video, however, doesn’t show off the system’s backside.

As was previously mentioned, this PS5 with the detachable disc drive hasn’t been officially announced just yet. However, reports have been swirling around about it for around two years and got more specific in September 2022 with a report noting of a detachable drive. Microsoft had erroneously called this a slim console in the recent hearings, and while it doesn’t look much slimmer (if at all), it seems the rival platform holder knew new hardware of some kind was on the horizon. Insider Tom Henderson, who first reported on the console with the detachable drive, also stated it wasn’t a slim model, something this video backs up.

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