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Video: Watch OpenAI’s DALL-E expand upon Vermeer’s classic oil painting, ‘The Milkmaid’

Earlier this month, we looked at a new ‘Outpainting‘ feature added to OpenAI’s DALL-E AI system. The ‘Outpainting’ feature takes the AI system to the next level by allowing digital art creators to expand existing images and works of art, pushing famous artwork beyond its original boundaries.

When we wrote about Outpainting, our coverage featured an Outpainting created by DALL-E user August Kamp that extended Johannes Vermeer’s famous 1665 oil painting, ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring.’ The marketing firm and communications group Ogilvy Paris reached out to us to inform us of an AI advertising project from Nestlé that coincidentally also relies upon a Vermeer painting, ‘The Milkmaid.’

Vermeer’s masterpiece is being used to promote Nestlé’s La Laitière yogurt, which Ogilvy has marketed for the past 25 years. While the yogurt itself isn’t within our purview, the AI technology behind the latest ad campaign certainly is.

In the video above, we see a timelapse of the Outpainting of Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid,’ created piece by piece. The Ogilvy team worked to ensure that DALL-E retained the oil painting look of the original painting while crafting realistic imagery surrounding the original painting, which is a somewhat small oil on canvas. The original painting is 45.5 x 41cm and delivers a relatively tight view of a milkmaid pouring milk.

Ogilvy pushed it much further, adding more people to the scene and greatly expanding the visible room surrounding the milkmaid. What do you think, is it a convincing Outpainting? Further, how do you feel about users being able to use AI augment masterpieces of long-dead artists such as Johannes Vermeer?

To learn about DALL-E, visit OpenAI. You can join the waitlist here if you’d like to sign up for the beta.