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Visions of Mana Gameplay Reveals New Aerial Combat

Visions of Mana Gameplay

Visions of Mana gameplay made a surprise appearance at today’s Xbox Developer Direct to show off the new aerial combat for the upcoming PS5 and PS4 title. There was also a glimpse of the Elementals and a brand new companion called a Pikul, as well as an introduction to the game’s soundtrack.

Visions of Mana has new and familiar enemies

Those who have played previous games in the Mana series will notice familiar enemies amongst those seen in today’s new gameplay. These include the Rabite, Mushboom, Goblin, and Chobin Hoodlum. However, they all come with new elements that they’ll use in combat, and players are encouraged to take note of their facial expressions as they battle.

Aerial combat is a new element the team has added while in battle so players can now enable physical attacks with weapons and use magic attacks while in mid-air. Square Enix also confirmed the Elementals would be returning. These are specialized items that produce different effects while in battle and can help further customize play styles.

A new companion was introduced, a black spiky-haired creature that is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier, a pangolin, and Anubis from Egyptian mythology. Called a Pikul, players will be able to use these as transport to quickly get around the map.

Finally, the developer also presented the game’s soundtrack, which features 100 songs from creators who have worked on previous games within the franchise, such as Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Ryo Yamazaki. The adaptive music system will see the background music transform seamlessly from map exploration to battles and offer a far more dynamic experience.

The first new game in the Mana series for 15 years, Visions of Mana will launch on PS5, PS4, and PC this summer. It’s also the first Mana game to make its way to Xbox consoles.

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