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WD Black Announces New Faster PS5 SSD

WD Black is one of the handful of companies that makes solid-state drives that are compatible with the PlayStation 5. And today, the company announced a new PS5 SSD model that’s a little faster and comes in more sizes.

What’s new about the SN850P NVMe SSD for PS5?

This drive is the SN850P, an upgrade on the existing SN850, and has a heatsink with the PlayStation logo since it is officially licensed. This new model comes in more variations and is now available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB variants that are $149.99, $229.99, and $549.99, respectively. That 4TB version is more than the PS5 itself (and the price of a PlayStation VR2 headset). The SN850 only came in 1TB and 2TB models.

WD Black stated that the SN850P is faster than the SN850, and its website breaks exactly how fast. The SN850P writes at 7,300MB/s and reads at 6,300MB/s, while the SN850 writes at 7,000MB/s and reads at 5,300MB/s. The read and write speed for the default PS5 SSD seems to be around 5,500MB/s.

WD Black released a sizzle trailer for the new drive, as well as a tutorial showing players how to install it. The drives are also only on WD Black’s website for now.

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