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We now know a little more about the ‘accessory shoe’ on Canon’s forthcoming EOS R3 camera system

It seems we may know a little more about the ‘accessory shoe’ Canon has confirmed will be onboard its forthcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera.

Earlier today, Canon unveiled its new XF605 professional camcorder. This is the first device to feature the company’s new ‘accessory shoe,’ likely the very same one we can expect to see in the EOS R3. While Canon hasn’t directly confirmed the multi-function shoe onboard the XF605 is the same we’ll see on the EOS R3, a new development announcement from audio company Tascam seems to all but confirm as much.

It remains unknown what else the accessory shoe onboard the XF605 and EOS R3 is capable of at this time.

Alongside the release of the XF605, Tascam announced it’s developing – in collaboration with Canon, Fujifilm and Nikon – an XLR audio adapter that will make use of multi-function hotshoes.

Regarding the Canon model in particular, Tascam says the ‘CA-XLR2d-C’ XLR adapter will be able to directly transmit audio and receive power from the camera via a ‘cable-free system,’ suggesting both data and power will be able to be transmitted through the hotshoe. Tascam notes ‘preliminary product compatibility’ includes Canon’s unreleased EOS R3 and the new XF605.

The concept of a ‘multi-function shoe’ isn’t anything new. But this would mark the first time Canon has brought such a feature to its EOS product line.

Nearly as large as the cameras themselves, the ‘CA-XLR2d-F’ will work through the digital hotshoe mounts onboard Fujifilm’s X-T4 and X-S10 mirrorless cameras.

Interestingly enough, Tascam also mentions it’s developing a version of its XLR adapter for Fujifilm’s X-T4 and X-S10 mirrorless cameras that will also feature the ability to transfer audio and power through the hotshot. This is a notable detail considering we weren’t aware, until now, that these Fujifilm cameras offered digital hotshoe mounts.