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What is Silent Hill: Ascension, the ‘Real-Time Interactive Series’?

Earlier today, a leak suggested that Silent Hill: Ascension would be the next game in the Silent Hill franchise but it turns out that’s not quite true. During the Silent Hill Transmission show, Konami revealed that Silent Hill: Ascension was actually a real-time interactive series that will be going live in 2023.

Silent Hill: Ascension is a real-time Silent Hill experience unseen until now

Silent Hill: Ascension was revealed as “a new kind of Silent Hill” and “an experience that you haven’t seen up until now”. The real-time interactive series is a collaboration between Genvid, Bad Robot Games, Behaviour, and DJ2 Entertainment and Silent Hill: Ascension is meant to blend community, live storytelling, and interactivity.

Millions of players watch the story unfold, change its outcomes and be a part of some of the scenes. There will be no reset button, so decisions will be final and will mean the difference between life and death, as well as affecting the world around the characters. There will be new characters and monsters, and Bad Robot Games, who is in charge of the series’ art direction, described how the creatures are “inspired by the personal traumas and internal demons of our characters’ past lives”. They’re aiming for the art style to be a fresh take on Silent Hill. Players can check it out when it goes live in 2023 and can sign up to the website for updates.

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