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What We Hope Project Spartacus Brings to a PlayStation Game Pass

It looks like a PlayStation game pass is on its way. Rumors of a revamp or extension of PlayStation Now dubbed Project Spartacus have been making the rounds, and now seems like the perfect time for Sony to unveil it. Before the almost inevitable announcement, we want to take a look at our hopes for the service and what it can do to compete against Xbox Game Pass successfully.

What We Want To See in a Playstation Game Pass Service

PlayStation Now Game Lineup

PlayStation Now has only received tepid enthusiasm from Sony, even as Xbox Game Pass continues to push Microsoft into daily conversation time and time again. So far, Sony has been committed to the traditional model of game sales, relying on excellent exclusives to sell consoles. However, it seems like PlayStation will finally embrace a subscription game model in earnest if rumors about Project Spartacus are true.

However, despite receiving much less hype than Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now serves a similar purpose. So, aside from marketing, why doesn’t it resonate with players the same way?

Day-One Exclusives

The big thing Sony is missing on PlayStation Now is day-one exclusive titles. One of the selling points of Xbox Game Pass is that you get the latest first-party games on the day they’re released at no additional cost. PS Now is great if you want access to an eclectic catalog of older titles, but the lack of new titles makes it a much less appealing purchase for most gamers.

Backward Compatibility

Sure, only a fraction of players cares about backward compatibility. However, just the promise of playing those golden oldies whenever you want is enough to entice a sizable audience to a console. PS Now offers a decent selection of PS2 and PS3 titles, but it could go so much further. Both the PS4 and PS5 can easily emulate PS1 and PS2, and the PS5 has the power that even PS3 emulation shouldn’t be out of its grasp. Ideally, a PlayStation Game Pass would leverage the catalog of every PlayStation console produced, including the PSP and Vita.


Xbox Game Pass is integrated into the Xbox OS. So you’re constantly reminded about the service and what it has to offer. Sony should work towards the same level of integration instead of just generating an annoying tile on the XMB every once in a while.

In other news, Sony’s stock took a hit after news of Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard broke, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of 2021’s best-selling titles.

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