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Wonder Woman Could Be a Live Service Game

Wonder Woman Game Live Service

Monolith Productions’ upcoming Wonder Woman game could be a live service title, according to a new job listing. The listing appeared just days after publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reaffirmed it would be transforming its biggest franchises into live service games.

Wonder Woman live service could be part of the Nemesis System

The developer is looking for a person who would preferably have “experience helping maintain a live software product or game”, as spotted by WCCFTech in the job description for the Lead Software Engineer (Gameplay). Wonder Woman was first announced in 2021 as a single-player, open-world, action game but few details have been revealed since then. It’s unknown what form the live service could take, but it could be an expansion of the popular Nemesis System.

The Nemesis System first appeared in Monolith’s Middle-earth games. The system would randomly generate Orc enemies that would react to the player’s actions and create their own career path. In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, players could then recruit the generated Orc Captains into their squads.

Wonder Woman will also have the Nemesis System according to the job description. This describes a person set to “lead the team responsible for core gameplay systems inherent to Monolith’s proprietary engine, including combat, movement, the Nemesis system, and more.”

The reports come just a week after Warner Bros. said it wanted to “transform” its biggest franchises into live service games. The publisher has seen recent live service success with Mortal Kombat 1, although there have been complaints from players over its emphasis on microtransactions.

Despite plenty of player criticism, there will also be live service features in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. These will include a Battle Pass and further live service post-launch content, although further details on this will be revealed in later installments of the Suicide Squad Insider video series.

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