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WrestleQuest Release Date Window Delayed, New Time Table Set

WrestleQuest, the game that combines professional wrestling and fantasy RPG, will no longer be released on PS5 and PS4 in May 2023. After discussions with publisher Skybound Games, developer Mega Cat Studios has revealed that WrestleQuest has been delayed, and the game has been pushed back to a more vague release window of this summer. A new release date is expected to be confirmed later this month.

Why WrestleQuest is being delayed

Mega Cat Studios has released a statement confirming “a new partnership we are extremely excited about” that has resulted in issues that have caused WrestleQuest to be delayed again. The developer didn’t release more details about this partnership, but it could be another wrestling icon to join the roster alongside Jake the Snake Roberts, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page, Jeff Jarrett, Koko B. Ware, the Legion of Doom duo, and AndrĂ© the Giant. In this case, the issues would likely pertain to licensing.

The good news is that the delay has also allowed Mega Cat to go back to add new features and improve on others, like “an entirely redone UI, accessibility options, a fully updated world map, enhanced visuals, more sweat, and a gorilla press quantity of game balancing.”

The game will have more than 50 hours of content for players to enjoy as they work their way from an aspiring rookie to a world champion wrestler. Unlike the aforementioned wrestling icons, players will also have to face wild realms, exotic monsters, and action figure fighters as they build up their career.

After four years of development, Wrestlequest will now be released at some point during the summer of 2023. The team hasn’t confirmed a new release date quite yet as it seems like those issues haven’t been resolved yet, but they feel like it is “the right choice with respect to our players”. An “official shiny new confirmed date” is expected to be announced later this month.

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