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Yorkshire Tea Is Selling Custom PS5 Controllers

yorkshire tea ps5 controller

The day just cannot begin without a cup of Yorkshire Tea (well, for me, anyway), and now you can sip your brew while playing Spider-Man 2 on the PS5 with a custom Yorkshire Tea DualSense controller.

Tea pose

Yes, British tea brand Yorkshire Tea has teamed up with notable custom controller designer POPeART to create specially designed controllers for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. They feature the famous packaging art from the best-selling tea that shows the idyllic Yorkshire greenery.

The blurb for the release, much like that first cuppa of the day, hits the spot.

”Picture the scene. You’re facing down a boss with three heads and a hammer as big as a truck, armed with nothing but a rusty sword you looted from a guard. Gulping, you look down at the controller in your hands, wondering if victory is even possible. And you see it – the reassuring branding of your favourite tea. ‘Yes’, you say to yourself. ‘I can do this’.

You begin the fight and are immediately one-shotted. You’re clearly way too low level for this area. On behalf of Yorkshire Tea, we would like to apologize for this and any other in-game mishaps caused by the powerful feeling of self-belief our controller will fill you with.”

You know that a regular DualSense controller isn’t exactly on the cheap side, but the Yorkshire Tea variant will set you back a piping hot £150. You could buy 5200 Yorkshire Tea bags for that.

If you want to show off your dedication to tea though, you can order a controller from Yorkshire Tea’s online shop.

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