: Yupitergrad (PS4) – A Cheeky VR Platformer That’s a Whole Bundle of Fun


To space, comrades.

PlayStation VR games fluctuate wildly when it comes to motion sickness. Some of the simplest ideas can be incredibly disorienting if everything isn’t calibrated perfectly. But what happens when you go to the extreme other end of the spectrum? Yupitergrad is a first-person momentum-based puzzle platformer that takes place on a Soviet space station. And it’s immaculate.

Donning high-tech accoutrements — a plunger attached to a rope on each hand — you find yourself having to navigate the large cavernous environments of an abandoned space station as you try to craft a brand new energy source to achieve Soviet dominance. Given that premise, you’d be right in expecting the game to have a snarky sense of humor, which it by and large does. Not all of the jokes land, as many of the deliberate set-up jokes definitely come off as trying too hard. However, many of the incidental and environmental jokes feel much more natural and lend a jokey feeling to the entire experience.

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